Adam Pits

Adam Pits

The trajectory of producer Adam Pits is one that appears to have come from nowhere, but this upsurge is by no means unfounded. ~ Hyponik

Adam Pits developed an innate musical understanding as a result of his classic training from an early age. With an acute sense of pitch, rhythm, harmony, structure and melody he honed his musical interests towards dance music after he studied at Leeds College of Music to further his education in classical performance and music production.

Unsurprisingly, Leeds vibrant nightlife caught Adam’s ear and he became enamoured with the compulsive and ritualistic aspects of dance music, and the mechanics of how to make people move in the club. From thereon he very quickly developed his production skills using all his expertise and understanding of musical structure, leading him to land releases with Day By Day and Wex not even 12 months after starting his foray into dance music. He followed this with 2 hit EP’s for Desert Sound Colony‘s Holding Hands imprint, which saw playtime from the likes of Call Super, Ben UFO, Roza Terenzi and many others.

Inspired by expansive, colourful melodies and driving propulsive beats, his varied productions sit somewhere between progressive house, trance, techno and breakbeat. However, his deep musical intuition means Adam is capable of producing a wide range of styles that are not limited by genre or mood. His DJ sets reflect his productions, ranging through styles including electro and tech house to jungle and DnB, underpinned by the rich sonic pallets that have inspired his productions.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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