Eva Geist

Eva Geist

"Eva Geist's music has the power to open doors. Her enchanting sounds are always an invitation to explore the most concealed nooks of our own perception." ~ Phonica

Eva Geist is an electronic artist who dedicated her life to poetry. Educated as a classic piano player and singer and trained as a live performer and sound designer, Eva found important references in the Neukoelln art community of Berlin. Here in 2015 in a bar that doesn’t exist anymore called Del Rex, Eva played her first live set, something in between a dancing session and a concert.

Later she became one of the paramount artists of Macadam Mambo, the label ran by Sacha Mambo in Lyon. From 2016 she’s resident at Sameheads where, together with Laura ODL (Ondula), she hosts the night called Diapason. They also form the duo As Longitude, which first EP “Blauer Part” was released in 2017 by Knekelhuis. Often depicted as a storyteller, Eva interprets her creation as a gentle flow, chapter by chapter, into a cinematic soundscape, imbued with psychedelic fluids, magic and spiritual nostalgia.

Her influences can be found in new age music, synth pioneers, krautrock, tribal dance, italo disco and synth pop. Her recent EP Urban Monogamy released by Hivern Discs in 2018 has gained her some visibility in the club world and enhanced her interest in sequenced beats and rhythmical arpeggiators. Together with Donato Dozzy, Eva has just started a monthly radio show on NTS called Electric Eden, and with lots of music to come in 2020, exciting times are ahead!

"...a slow, slippery take on coldwave techno touched up with acid and faintly arabesque melodies... a mysterious sound" ~ Pitchfork

AGENT: Peter Beer

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