Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses

Ghostly Kisses is the melancholic music of French-Canadian singer and songwriter Margaux Sauvé.

She began to play the violin at the age of 5 following in the footsteps of her family of musicians. It was almost 20 years later that she started to sing and wrote her first songs.

Working with the composer, producer and pianist Louis-Étienne Santais, they create together Ghostly Kisses’ soothing and melancholic music, wrapped around Margaux’s delicate and haunting voice. After the release of “Such Words”, the song reached more than 50,000 plays on Spotify 24 hours after its release. With now millions of streams on all platforms and more than 80,000
followers on YouTube, Ghostly Kisses’ fourth EP will be released in June 2020.

In the past years, Ghostly Kisses opened for RY X, Charlotte Cardin, Trixie Whitley and Milk and Bone for dates in Canada and United States. In 2019, she showcased at SXSW and did her first headline European tour with more than 20
shows where many of them were sold out including London, Porto, Krakow, Warsaw, Bocholt and Cologne. In 2020, Ghostly Kisses will open for Henry
Green, with whom she collaborated on a song from his next album.

What defines Ghostly Kisses is the balance between music and emotions, the perfect combination between Margaux’s ethereal voice, the emotions she carries live and her sense of aesthetic and nostalgia she inspires through all her work.

“This is, indeed, a roundabout way to say she is more than just a singer,
songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, but that she is an artist. Like a great
painting or sculpture, her work leaves a lasting impression, where you cannotwait for her next project.”The Revue (April 2020)

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