As the co-founder of Belfast’s The Night Institute, Jordan has captured the joy of those that have called it home for the last three years and channelled it through his own music.

The party welcomed heavyweights such as Octave One, Maurice Fulton and Kornel Kovacs to the tiny capital, yet in recent years has adopted a refreshing anti-reliance on the stereotypical big name booking – choosing instead to dictate the tempo alongside Timmy Stewart for the full five hours.

With an increasingly busy schedule, Jordan has regularly found himself playing parties across the world, from Copenhagen to Tokyo, locking in sets at both The Warehouse Project and a particularly rowdy Boiler Room at Belfast’s AVA Festival.

A stream of mixes have been delivered for a string of admired platforms, such as Truants, Feel My Bicep and Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel, allowing Jordan to illustrate his versatility and wide range of influences.

2019 kicked off with the release of the first “Nocturne Edits” record sold out in a flash, and has re- ceived heavy rotation from industry heavyweights Bicep, Gerd Janson & Tim Sweeney and has set the tone for a solid year of studio output.

Contemporary dance music is riddled with clichés, yet that exhausted ‘set for a huge year’ nomina- tion rings true for Jordan in 2019, with a release locked in on Huntley & Palmers and parties scheduled in Manchester, London and Romania. Just tell him to keep his top on.

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