Julius Steinhoff

Julius Steinhoff

Julius Steinhoff is far from being a stranger in the ever-expanding universe of deep house.

As a Co-Founder and one of the steersmen behind Hamburg’s Smallville empire (record store and label/ party curator around the globe), half of the dynamic duo Smallpeople as well as a producer and DJ in his own right, Steinhoff is closely associated with a group of like-minded people that unite fresh ideas and individualism with a certain sense of tradition.

That “Flocking Behaviour” was well embodied in Steinhoff’s debut album by the same name, released in 2014. After a string of 12-inches and tracks for the likes of Live at Robert Johnson, Geography, White, Mule or his own Smallville brand, the very well-received Smallpeople long-player “Salty Days” and EPs on Running Back, Underground Quality as well as remixes for MCDE and others, Julius Steinhoff made a submission that was all his.

“Flocking Behaviour” is rooted in the elegiac variety of the big three (New York,
Chicago & Detroit) and paints a romantic picture of house music that is at times utopian. It was one man’s love letter to his musical passion.

Julius’ DJ-Sets are focused on a range between Deep House and Techno- always within the balance of atmospheric warmth and club suitability.

AGENT: Peter Beer

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