After more than 10 years experimenting in the studio, Kosh is one of the few upcoming Moroccan artists to keep an eye on. Born and raised in Casablanca, it’s during his years in the U.S. that his interest in early acid tracks and Detroit techno truly matured.

Whether playing DJ sets or performing live, Kosh knows how to subtly jump through different genres. Versatility is in fact often said to be his trademark. His music delicately blends nasty acid basslines, frenetic breaks and electro beats, as well as warm infused pads and fast-paced techno.

After moving back to Casablanca in 2016, Kosh has been actively involved with the label Casa Voyager alongside his longtime friends and music partners Driss Bennis (aka OCB) and Jonas Bengio (aka Viewtiful Joe).

AGENT: Emile Martin

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