Lake Turner

Lake Turner

"Lake Turner has lingered in the shadows for too long." ~ Clash Magazine

The London composer has already worked with Foals frontman Yannis Philippakis, while he has also appeared in the studio with Underworld‘s Karl Hyde and techno maverick Ewan Pearson.

Deciding to focus on his own material, EP ‘Prime Mover’ is a remarkable introduction, a potent selection of powerful electronics.

He followed up with releases on Michael Mayer‘s Kompakt Records in 2019, including a remix of Weval‘s The Weight, that same label will also be home to his forthcoming debut album.

“The wisps of vocal fragments contain an unearthly innocence, while the undulating electronics nod towards analogue technology while embracing the latest innovations. It’s a potent, heady, swirling brew.” ~ Clash Magazine

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