"Otzeki crave your devotion on 'True Love', a bolt of searing electronic excellence." ~ NME

Otzeki is a project built around balance and duality. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the yin and yang of its members, cousins Mike Sharp (vocal, guitar) and Joel Roberts (keys, Ableton). Although the name might be just a combination of letters that didn’t exist on Google until they came up with it, Otzeki is the intersection where Mike and Joel’s interests meet in their mutual enthusiasm for the potential of electronic music.

Exploring the progressive nature of electronic music that actively avoids rigidity in favour of being what they call “expressive”, is a priority for Otzeki. “A lot of the reason people are not expressive through electronic music is because they’re putting it through software and playing it through a grid,” says Mike. “It’s not that different if you’re writing a piece of prose and you know that whatever you’re writing it has to fit in a certain amount of words, but when you’re writing it you already know that you’re running out of words and you can’t quite get out what you want to say.”

Written partly in rehearsal rooms and partly in the studio with the help of avant-garde producer Adhelm. Their debut EP ‘Falling Out’, follow up singles saw them pick up support from Radio 1, 6 Music and Radio X and a growing fanbase via tours across Europe and the US.

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