Roy Davis Jr.

Roy Davis Jr.

Roy Davis Jr. is, in no uncertain terms, a legendary DJ and producer from Chicago who has helped to define electronic music. His self titled soul-electronic sound is a hybrid of garage, disco, r&b, house, hip hop and soul and it has graced everything from underground imprints to major league labels since way back in the 1990′s.

Roy Davis Jr. was introduced to dance music by the late 1980’s with legends such as DJ Pierre, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Marshall Jefferson, and Lil’ Louis. “I’ve always been in to Music but these were the DJs that really inspired me. Lil’ Louis was always my favourite DJ because he knew how to play it all, from Mellow, Club, Classics and Big Room! he was so diverse – he taught me how to mix it up, that’s how I got my style,” says Davis Jr. “I started DJ’ing myself when I was 12 or 13, spinning breaks, Italian disco, then house.”

The big turning point for Roy Davis Jr. was in 1993. While in college he was asked to work as and A&R scout for Strictly Rhythm in NYC. Once a member of the group Phuture responsible for producing “Rise From Your Grave” A huge record for Strictly Rhythm, He went out to the East Coast weekly, and was subsequently hired to start his own sub-label called Red Cat records.

You can’t mention Roy Davis Jr. without mentioning “Gabriel,” Released in 1996 on Large Music out of Chicago, Gabriel was hailed “Dance Tune Of The Year” once XL Recordings licensed the song reached 22 within the UK charts and remained there for 5 weeks. Produced with vocalist and multi-talented musician Peven Everett, Gabriel is a considered one of the biggest house music anthems and is considered one of the key tracks responsible for the US-UK dance music cross-over, Gabriel continues to be played around the world and on radio today sounding as fresh as the day it was made. The track has been credited with kick-starting the UK garage scene it was a tune that would change Roy’s musical direction and take him back to his spiritual roots.

Chart-topping releases such as The Believers ”Who Dares To Believe In Me”, “Enjoy The Ride”, “Modjo Lady”, “Join his Kingdom,” “Next To Me” with Fred Everything and “Rock Shock” licensed to Daft Punk’s Roulé label which also made it into a Alvin Ailey Broadway Dance Play by the name of “Grace”, Roy Davis Jr. was the only artist to this day who was signed to Thomas Bangalter’s label Roule’ out of Paris, he also performed at clubs such as the Queen Club, Paris, Ministry of Sound, London, Chicago’s Metro/Smartbar, Troubador, Los Angeles whilst also performing at festivals such as Cream Fields, Wakarusa & Coachella. Davis also spent a large part of his earlier career creating billboard chart records for Eric Benet/Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, Seal, Patti LaBelle, Terry Dexter, Christina Milian, and Morcheeba. His original productions and remix work garnered rave reviews in such publications as Rolling Stone, URB, Flaunt and Vibe, Spin & many more.

In 2018 Roy relaunched his inaugural artist-run label Undaground Therapy Muzik label, responsible for influencing artists such as Seth Troxler and Daft Punk, and released the first record on the label in 16 years.

Fast forward to now and Roy still remains one of the worlds most prolific DJ’s & producers in the history of house music. Once again returning to what Roy loves most, continuing to push boundaries with his DJ sets and ongoing production projects whilst also now focusing on releasing music with artists around the world on UTM.

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