Steve Spacek

Steve Spacek

Steve White is a pioneer, from his earliest incarnations in Stex in the early 90s to present day as Steve Spacek he has pushed boundaries with aesthetics and technology.

Throughout his career he has released music some of the most forward-thinking labels across the musical spectrum- SPA, Eglo, Ninja Tune, Warp, !K7, Island Universal, Black Focus and Exit Records.

Alongside Morgan Zarate and Edmond Cavill he formed the band Spacek, a group that would innovate and define a new type of electronic soul music. Two acclaimed albums followed: Curvatia and Vintage Hi-Tech.

Steve Spacek’s next endeavor would be his first solo record: Space Shift, an instant classic that featured household names such a J Dilla and Thundercat.

His most storied contribution to Exit Records would be the Black Pocket project, developing themes he had already explored on previous records.

It was with fellow explorer Mark Pritchard that the Africa HiTech (Via Warp Records) project was born, Hard to pin down in words but instantly recognisable by ear.

It was with Ninja Tune in 2015 that he released a solo record as Beat Spacek titled Modern Streets, an exploration sound pallet and emotions via contemporary technology such as iOS beat making apps, shedding previous workflows in favour of developing his creative discipline further.

In 2018 Steve released ‘Vintage Hi-Tech’, an album that saw him return to his electronic soul roots for Alexander Nut‘s Eglo Records.

In 2020 there is so sign of slowing down with a Blackpocket project for Exit Records and a full album for Henry Wu‘s Black Focus Records.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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