Turtle Bugg

Turtle Bugg

Turtle Bugg (aka Treezy B) is a dj of African Diasporic descent that plays vinyl records in the style he refers to as “this thang formerly known as house”. TB was born in New Jersey, cut his teeth in NYC, and now resides in Detroit.

Music is central to the African American experience and this was no different for young Bugg. Catching Parliament-Funkadelic as his first concert, listening to the tail end of great NYC radio or absorbing the vibe at his grandfather’s jazz club in Harlem all added to his unique ear for selection.

While knee deep in the NYC scene at night, Turtle spent his days tending to the record stacks at the infamous secondhand shop the Thing. Unearthing gems that others had passed on taught him the art of digging. While other DJs are stuck in the endless cycle of cool, Bugg is impervious to trends.

In addition to his own artistic endeavors, Treezy is resident & co-pilot of the Sublimate parties; Creative Director for Smangtasia; and runs the record label Basement Floor with his Soul 2 Seoul partner Chung.

AGENT: Alasdair Howie

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